“Shop” what is already in your closet

When you open your closet door each day, are you looking at a well-organized collection of clothing that you love and wear on a regular basis? Maybe you feel overwhelmed when you open that door and see a haphazard mix of garments that don’t fit, need alterations, or are out of style.

Too often, as shoppers, we don’t really consider how a purchase is going to work with our existing wardrobe. Facing a closet filled with impulse purchases, bargains that were too good to pass up, and separates not well matched to existing clothing, you face a major challenge when you attempt to coordinate fabrics and colors.

In a two to four hour in-home session, I will help you sort through your garments, recommend which pieces to keep, ensuring a solid base for your wardrobe, and eliminating items that no longer serve you. I will make suggestions of new pairings, complete with accessories, and photograph the outfits for your to reference later.